Pale Blue Dot

“Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.” – Carl Sagan

Delve deep into our seas and oceans in this online exploration of everything marine. Taking you through every layer of the ocean this story explores what the oceans mean to us and how we can protect one of the most precious habitats on Earth. Build a connection to our seas and oceans and their unique live-giving properties.
Focusing on the hopeful nature of science and research in bringing about a brighter future for these wonderful environments, you are invited to explore your own relation with the deep and discover more about our oceans.



Dive into the astounding depth and breadth of our oceans and how they connect us all together and continue to inspire and bring a sense of wonder.



Explore how seas and oceans create incredible habitats allowing for a wealth of biodiversity on Earth.



Our seas and oceans provide us with plentiful resources, food, transport and fun. How can we work in harmony with the sea as we increase this reliance and move towards wave and tidal energy production?



Our seas are in danger but there are creative ways that people are tackling challenges of water shortages, pollution and the effects of climate change on the world’s weather systems and waters.

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